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(╯°□°)╯︵ ᴉƃuooʎ uᴉɯ


a very happy jimin and his ‘meulk' adventure to tony

kookie’s reaction when hobi says fans call him ‘jungkook oppa’

namjoon’s dance skills.



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“For me, the older brother’s role was always an awesome one, to support the younger ones and make sure they don’t fall. I’ve been having the same worries now as I did one year ago. But I think I’m lucky that I am the eldest in BTS, and not somewhere else. Namjoon, who is a pillar for the other 6 members. Yoongi, who acts like he doesn’t care, but takes care of you behind your back. Hoseok, who always provides endorphines. And the 3 youngest members who always listen to the older members.” ㅡ Kim seokjin